A One A Tree Care is a franchise of Jim’s Trees – East Auckland. Jim’s Trees is New Zealand’s largest network of qualified arborists specialising in tree removal, tree pruning, stump grinding, palm cleaning and removal, mulching and chipping services.

  • Level 4 Certified Arborist, Auckland
  • Have JSA
  • Have 3 Million Liability Insurance

We also offer the following professional tree care services at affordable prices throughout the Auckland area, including tree assessment, tree pest and disease control, canopy reduction or restoration, arborist reports, hedge trimming, site clearing and consulting. We are a one-stop shop for all your tree troubles.

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Tree removals pose significant risks of injury to you and damage to your property, which is why removal should only be undertaken by skilled and experienced, trained professionals. At A One A Tree Care, our highly experienced arborists have access to the required equipment to remove any size tree.

Palm Cleaning
and Removal

Our work will ensure your palms have the best chance to thrive, ensure they remain an attractive asset for your property.

Canopy Lift

We can provide clearance for pedestrians, vehicles, building and lines of sight by removing branches from the bottom of the crown.

Storm Damage

A One A Tree Care offers 24-hour storm call out.

Tree Pruning
and Branch Thinning

Tree pruning is essential to provide clearance for electrical power lines and structures, wind-flow and air movement, view and sunlight penetration. It can also be used to positively influence flower or fruit production and to maintain proper tree shape.

Mulching and
Chipping Services

When it comes to gardening, your soil is your greatest asset. Our mulching and chipping service will ensure your garden maintains the correct level of moisture while aiding soil regeneration.

View Enhancement

A One A Tree Care provides selective thinning services to help you create a specific view of the tree or the view currently obscured by the tree.

Consulting Arborist

We offer report writing, maintenance plans, hazard evaluations and advice.


We are experienced in stump grinding and we can help you decide the best method to suit your needs and budget.

Hedge Trimming

We can provide a complete hedge overhaul or put in place a plan for annual maintenance.

Dead Wooding

We undertake the removal of dead, diseased, decayed, dying or weak branches, as well as the removal of objectionable and interfering branches and stems.

Canopy Restoration
and Canopy Reduction

We can improve structure of previously topped, vandalized or storm damaged trees and reduce the height and/or spread of a tree to clear utility lines and to deal with crown dieback or weak growth.


MOBILE: +64 21 102 0360
EMAIL: aoneatreecare@gmail.com


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“A ONE A Tree Care were excellent. They arrived on-time, got the job done and cleaned up after themselves. Couldn’t ask for anything more!” – Dinesh

“A ONE A Tree Care provided advice on how to best care for our trees and remove the trees that were causing us grief.Once council approval was obtained they quickly removed and pruned the trees and now they look absolutely
stunning!” – Jane


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Jim’s tree is New Zealand’s largest network of qualified, experienced and insured arborists who provide tree removal, stump grinding and removal and wide array of tree trimming and maintenance services.